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To download two apps: The V by Vodafone app to manage and activate your V-Sim subscription and the Kippy EVO app so you can track the device.

Set up V-Pet Tracker in 5 simple steps
Download and open the V by Vodafone app from the Apple Store or Google Play
Activate your V-Sim by Vodafone subscription in the V by Vodafone app
Download the Kippy EVO app from the Apple Store or Google Play
Activate your device
Start enjoying a more connected life with your pet.
Frequently Asked Questions

The device easily attaches to your pet’s collar. Simply hook it to the upper part of the collar using the Velcro strip included and you and your pet are ready to go.

It’s small in size and weighs just 34g. V-Pet Tracker fits both cats and dogs but is better suited to pets over 4kg.

The device has up to 10 day’s battery life, based on average use.

The device is waterproof and can withstand up to 1m of water for 30 minutes (IP67).

V-Pet Tracker uses 4 different tracking technologies to help you locate your pet: GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular network (using the V-Sim). These technologies mean if your dog doesn’t come back on command in the park, you can get updates on their location, even if they’ve gone further afield.