FIBARO Motion Sensor

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FIBARO Motion Sensor

FIBARO Motion Sensor

Receive alerts if there is unexpected or unusual movement in your home.

Requires the V-Home Hub or a compatible device with SmartThings hub functionality. 

The V-Home Hub is sold as part of the V-Home Starter Kit. 
Compatible with V-Home 24/7 Alarm Assistant as part of the V-Home Service Plan.


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Product Features

  • Monitors motion, temperature and light.
  • Sends alerts to your SmartThings app when unexpected movement or sudden changes in temperature or light are detected.
  • Can be used to trigger other smart devices in your home e.g. automatically switch on lights, or turn your thermostat on or off to control your heating.
  • Includes a multi-colour LED to show motion and temperature readings.
  • 2-year warranty.

Product Specifications

Weight: 18.1 g
Dimensions: 46mm diameter
Colour: White
Battery type: CR123A
Battery included: Yes
Connection type: Z-Wave

Placement Recommendations

  • For initial setup, place the device within 4.5 meters of your V-Home Hub (or compatible device with SmartThings Hub functionality).
  • Place the sensor in a space where you need to detect motion to trigger scenes or where a potential intruder is likely to pass.
  • Avoid blocking the sensor's view.
  • Make sure the sensor is placed in a stable position to avoid triggering false alarms.