Ready for anything


"Having a tracker on my gear means I can worry less about losing my images, and if someone did walk off with my camera bag I’d get an alert and be able to do something before it was too late"

Follow the adventure


"Headed out to the park for a little photoshoot but Marley got distracted chasing a naughty little squirrel! Luckily I had Curve to track her every move. Looks like she had quite the adventure”

Part of the family


"With Elijah going to school, as a parent you want to make sure you can keep track of their bags whereabouts. This curve tracker is pretty versatile and does the job

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Compact and clever, Curve is packed full of features with a keyring accessory that attaches to almost anything

Follow Curve in Realtime via the app

Up to 7* days battery in Power Save mode

Different tracking modes to match what you track

Personalise alerts by creating your own Zones

Stay in touch with Quick Alert button

Enjoy all Curve’s features in the Vodafone Smart App
Set up your device, manage your price plan and control Curve from the palm of your hand with one easy-to-use app.
Frequently Asked Questions

The Vodafone Smart App (also known as V by Vodafone) is the only app you will need to use Curve.

From this app you can manage your subscription, set up Curve and enjoy all its features.

Download the Vodafone Smart App from the App Store or Google Play

You can connect up to 20 Curves to your account and view each tracker’s activity in the Vodafone Smart App (also known as V by Vodafone).

Curve’s Quick Alert button is a way for the tracker and app to communicate with each other. When you press the button on the tracker for 3 seconds, it sends a location update to the Vodafone Smart App (also known as V by Vodafone app).

To enable Quick Alerts, just go to Device Settings in your Vodafone Smart App and check the box.

Zones are the virtual boundaries you create around a location of your choice. If Curve enters or leaves this area, you will get a notification. You set up your Zones in the Vodafone Smart App (also known as V by Vodafone app).

Please be aware Zone alerts are not always instant and location information relies on the frequency of your chosen tracking mode, as well as GPS signal and Vodafone network coverage to provide updates.

*Battery life dependent on tracking mode. Subject to Vodafone network coverage and GPS signal. For land based tracking only. Connectivity subscription required and Terms apply. See FAQs for more info.

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